What is Paternity Testing?

  • DNA paternity testing is the most accurate and scientific method available today to establish paternity.

  • DNA paternity tests are able to provide very conclusive results which can generally establish paternity with a level of probability greater than 99.99%.
  • DNA Paternity Testing in Australia

    www.paternitytestaustralia.com...Was created in order to provide detailed information on DNA paternity testing, understanding what it is and how the DNA testing process works. The articles in this website are divided into four main categories to facilitate access to the information you require. The articles in this website cover a wide variety of issues related to DNA paternity testing, from describing how to carry out this test, the science of this test as well as practical information on how to use DNA tests in particular cases, for example legal issues in Australia.

    What is a DNA Paternity Test?

    Uses of the Paternity Test

    • To establish biological parentage of the child in a conclusive manner
    • To establish biological parentage of the child for legal purposes
    • To establish the existence of a biological relationship for immigration purposes
    • To establish the biological parent in cases of adoption
    • To establish a biological relationship for the purposes of inheritance

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    A paternity test is carried out using simple oral swabs that are rubbed on the inside of the cheek making it simple and painless.
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    Accuracy of Paternity Testing

    A paternity test can be up to 99.99% accurate, this depends on the quality of the sample and the quality of the testing laboratory
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